Who Are We?

We are highly trained and experienced therapist who offer a variety of innovative therapeutic services that will help individuals navigate through life’s challenges at all levels. We understand that sometimes life may seem relentless and unyielding, but with the right tools and the support and commitment from our staff together we can build a better tomorrow!

Our services include: Individual, Group, Family, Couples, Children and Adolescents Counseling.

We also offer Home-based Counseling: Many people find it convenient to have a therapist visit their home rather than fight traffic to make it to an appointment or make a long commute. Some may not be able to drive a car or even have difficulty getting out of bed. How would they ever make it to appointments consistently? Home-based Therapist make Professional Counseling more accessible to a wider range of people.

Our GROUPS focus on enhancing social skills, life skills (ADL’s), behavior management, coping skills, etc.Paragraph

We can assist families in navigating the school systems (i.e. understanding Special Education Services, IEP’s, 504 plans, and advocating for your child’s rights).

Our counselors can assist families with applications for qualifying services such as (TANF, Housing, Health Care, The Department of Developmental Services (DDS), and The Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS), etc….)